Ashtanga Yoga Guildford


Based at Red Hot Yoga Guildford, Surrey

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"Thank you for allowing me the freedom to find my own practice. Your guidance gentle encouragement and clear instructions have really helped move my entire yoga practice on"


Jeremy - Guildford

"Mark and Clive work together so well I really enjoy their Sunday night Ashtanga class, the energy in the room motivates me to find a rhythm for my practice that I dont seem to find when I practice at home on my own"


Christine - Bramley

"If you are looking for a yoga class that is fun but challenging, Clive's classes are a must. He helps you stretch your mind as well as your body with his calm and approachable manner. He regularly visits India and so is in touch with the true meaning of yoga "


Fiona - Natural Health - Surrey

"I have tried various different styles of yoga with different teachers before I ended up at one of Clives classes. Clive and Mark were the first teachers that really helped me understand yoga and see how amazing it really is. Since starting practicing I have been through a lot in my personal life and don't know how it would have dealt with it as well with out time on my mat and the support of these two amazing teachers. They both have an amazing calming and supportive presence they seem to know exactly when to give you a little push and when to remind you to listen to your body and take it easy. I am grateful to have found such brilliant and supportive teachers. I can not recommend them highly enough!


Daisy - Guildford

"Reading this blog, and the comments, sums up everything that is so wonderful about the community that I’ve been so lucky to become a part of!  Thank you Clive"


Emily - Guildford

"Wonderful teacher, always on hand for encouragement and modifications to get the most out of my practice"


Marion - Guildford


"I love Clive as my ashtanga yoga teacher. He is a fabulous, committed teacher and such a lovely human being. I love being part of the ashtanga yoga community which Clive (and Mark) have been able to build in RHY. Thank you!


Sari - Sunningdale

"Clive is a fabulous teacher. He has inspired me and taught me so much to deepen my Ashtanga Mysore practice"


Harriet - Guildford

"Clive is relaxed, yet focused and purposeful and gives the greatest adjustments. I feel my practice grow and deepen with his watchful eye."


Cathy - Haslemere

"fab fab teacher – humble but brilliant at the same time – love coming to your classes"


Denise - Guildford

"Such a fabulous teacher"


Lisa - Staines