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Based at Red Hot Yoga Guildford, Surrey

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By Mark Cupit, Oct 29 2017 11:35AM

Secrets: “A yogi desirous of success should keep the knowledge …..secret. “

Hooked a long time ago I was told if I practiced I would change. I was looking for something and continued my practice; I persisted because I felt changes and needed to see where they took me. My practice was a path like the greatest platform game of all time, only there is no ‘boss level’ except for the one which has you in it; ‘Temet Nosce’ as it says above the door into the Oracle’s flat in the film, ‘The Matrix’, ‘know thyself’. There is no point trying to amass any other knowledge until you know who and what you are. To me that’s the point of Ashtanga, helping you with your enigmas, whatever they may be for you....